Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Mismatched - But Both Sandals

When Shane was little (and much shorter), I can remember him arriving at church and immediately taking off his shoes and socks every week.  He could tolerate wearing them the short distance from home to church, but then off they came. 
Mismatched - But Both Closed-Toed

Savannah is the opposite; she loves wearing shoes - but unmatched ones!  When we get home from church, off goes one shoe and on goes another - of a different style. 

Unmatched - But Both Crocs
 Because she is always wearing unmatched shoes, it becomes quite the challenge to find a match when we do leave the house, even for other family members since she likes to wear our shoes, too.

Unmatched - Totally!
How beautiful are the feet of my darling daughter.  May she always find a way to brighten our day.

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