Thursday, March 15, 2018


I know.  You are thinking...this is only March.  Who graduates in March?

Daniel, Abigail, Shae-Lynn and Shiloh singing a special
Being missionaries, one thing you learn is adaptability.  We are good friends with another missionary family here whose kids have grown up with ours.  They are leaving for furlough next month, but wanted to have a graduation party for their graduating son before they left.  We have two graduating, also, so we combined everything into just one party.

Daniel wanted a rice crispy cake, so that was the cake on the left.
 On the right is just a regular cake.
Something that is different in Uganda is that there is no graduating ceremony for when you finish secondary school (high school to Americans).  But our church had a great time enjoying our tradition, especially enjoying the food.

A great time of fellowshipping and eating after the service
Your next question may be, "Why do you have two graduating together?"  One of the misconceptions about homeschooling is that the mom is teaching every subject times how many different grades there are.  I am no super teacher, so I have never taught 6 different subject levels to 6 kids or even 6 different classes to 4 kids.  We combine A LOT!  I just require more out of the older children than I do the younger ones.  That being said, a couple of months ago I realized that Shiloh has been doing nearly everything Shae-Lynn has done in the last 4 years.  So, after consulting with a couple of other people as to the pros and cons of letting him graduate early, we decided that it was the best decision for us.

Friends for 18 years (well, Shiloh would be 15 years)
Shae-Lynn and Shiloh will be taking college classes via correspondence until we go on our next furlough, as well as continuing to attend our Bible college here at our town church.

Great Job!
Please pray for the children of missionaries.  It is daunting knowing that after high school, you have to move to a new country to learn a new culture and begin adult life - without your parents.

Missionary kids need your support, understanding, and love.  
They need friends.  
They need your prayers.

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