Thursday, February 2, 2017


After the New Year, I think we all had the feeling of, "Now let's go home."  Although we are glad to see everyone, now that we have hit the halfway point of furlough, we are ready to be in our own beds and not see a suitcase for a while.  This week I got a letter from "my girls" on my soul winning team that had the following in it:

"Right now, we are at the countdown of your return and I can tell you that every one of us has put up a calendar in our sitting rooms just counting the months remaining for your return."

However, we are still enjoying some beautiful sights.  We entered New York City during a snowstorm.  But Keith is such an awesome driver, that we made it to our destination with no trouble at all.

Snowstorm entering New York City
During our last furlough, the 9/11 Memorial was not yet completed, so we were glad to be able to visit it this time.  We rode the subway and the bus, and took in the sights of the 9/11 Memorial, Times Square, M&M World, Lego Store, Fox News, and Trump Tower.  It was SO cold, and we walked a whole lot.  

Savannah and I on the subway
At the 9/11 Memorial
Oh - so good 
Outside of Fox News
Trump Tower - our last stop of the day
January was the month that our family spread out all over.  Stanley was the first by transferring to West Coast Baptist College.  He is living with his Grandparents and really enjoying Grandma's cooking.  Please pray specifically that he can find a job soon.

He is very happy with his grandparents
Shane left the very next day on a missions trip to Ecuador.  He can now say that he has crossed the equator in two different countries.

Shane in the North and the South
Then Keith just returned from preaching a missions conference in Trinidad.  He really had a great time seeing another culture, and his brother Andrew was able to go with him, too.

Keith and Andrew
Please pray for us as we are now making purchases, seeing doctors, and finishing our meetings. Pray for our college sons and feel free to encourage them with a note, text, or care package.  

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