Tuesday, February 28, 2017


February has been such a fun month.  We were blessed to be able to attend the marriage retreat at our home church - something we look forward to each furlough.  We were at a beautiful resort that was very relaxing!

My best friend for 24 years.

This curious guy wanted my sunglasses.
Being in Texas for a couple of weeks has given us opportunity to enjoy the swimming pools again - something our children really enjoy.

It was such a beautiful sunny day.
This indoor pool was so beautiful with the murals and the fountain.
We have been in some very special churches.  Just this month we were in three with missions closets, and one church gave us an offering just for ice cream!

Patiently waiting for their ice creams.
Another church invited us to stay an extra day to attend their Spring Banquet, which included the teens.  I don't think I have been to a formal banquet since college!  What fun this was for all of us as this was Shae-Lynn and Shiloh's very first banquet.

My Amazing Sweetheart
Our middle two children all dressed up.
We have 23 more churches to visit, and then we will be busy with packing.  We appreciate your prayers for us.  We are enjoying all of the activities and visits, but we are ready to be home again.

He's a senior already!
Please pray for our boys in college.  Shane will be graduating in May, and Stanley is now living with his grandparents in California and attending West Coast Baptist College.  We praise the Lord that this week he finally got a job.

He's a freshman!

Our children are such a blessing to us, and we praise God for each of them.  

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