Tuesday, October 13, 2015


It was very special for Stanley to be able to celebrate his birthday with his Grandpa this year, as they share birthdays.  Who knows the next time they will be able to do this again!

A special birthday bond
I actually made Stanley's cake the night before, since we were going to be traveling on his birthday.  Since he is past the interest in shaped cakes, I have been making specialty rice crispy cakes for his birthdays in the past few years.  This year, I crushed up Oreo-look-alikes and pretzels and added them to the rice crispy cereal before adding the melted marshmallows.  After it cooled in the pan, I drizzled melted white chocolate on top.  It was VERY good!

Yikes - two adult children now.
On his actual birthdate, we had homemade ice cream for breakfast.  That really earned me the mom-of-the-year award!

Cappuccino ice cream, anyone?
After lunch we traveled down to Mbarara to stay with Keith's parents.  Any trip to Mbarara brings the excitement of stopping for goat meat on a stick.  Yum!

It almost looks like a popsicle S-Jo is holding, but it is goat meat
Our youngest is growing up too fast.  Savannah is quite the little lady and such a hard worker.  She has quite the knack for finding things that no one else can.  If something is missing, we all turn to Savannah for help.

Eight years old!
The day before Savannah's birthday, Keith took all of the children except for Shae-Lynn to help another missionary move into their house.  Shae-Lynn and I used the empty house to our advantage and began preparing for Savannah's birthday party.  I even made her cake and hid it on a high shelf in the pantry.  However, the next morning, someone forgot about the hidden lady bug and discovered that it couldn't fly when dumped from the shelf.  The plate underneath it shattered as Corelle brand does.  I spent a long time picking glass out of the wounded ladybug and then mended the damage to its back.  When the guests came, we displayed the ladybug and let Savannah blow out the candles but didn't serve it, as I was afraid for someone to get a missed piece of glass.  Later, however, our family ate it with no mishaps at all.

Lasagna, Garlic bread, Lady-bug eggs, Olives, Watermelon, and Carrots
That completes our birthdays for the year of 2015.  Thank you for celebrating with us.

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  1. Birthday celebrations are so fun! Thanks for sharing!