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I really don't see how time gets away from me so very quickly.  I love to write on this blog, but somehow I need to find a specific time for writing consistently or something!  After all, it has been over a month...again...since I posted.  So much has happened!  Let me start with the most recent and gradually work backwards.

The student body of PVI singing.
This past Saturday we had Parent's Day for Providence Vocational Institute.  We have been holding classes for 1-1/2 years now and currently enroll 31 students.  Awards were presented from the Sport's Day they recently had, and several local government officials came.

Principal James Sebyoto and Director Keith Stensaas
Keith and I celebrated 22 years of sweet married life in June; however, our anniversary happened to be on the day we took our oldest son back to the airport.  (The first time he left for the States was on Mother's Day!  We have to stop sending him away on important days.)

Pastor Innocent of Faith Baptist Church with Keith preaching.
One thing missionaries learn is that holidays or special dates are not sacred.  It isn't unusual to celebrate an event several days or weeks before or after the actual date.  One of the village churches had asked Keith to preach for them this month, so we decided to make those days that we would be away as our anniversary celebration.

This is the path we walked to the church, also crossing a small stream.
Because of a gift from some recent visitors, we stayed in a motel on Lake Victoria which was very beautiful.  Upon check-in, the manager suggested we get the weekend package.  Not only was this cheaper than paying for two days, but all three meals were included rather than just breakfast!

I am so blessed!

This dual-level swimming pool was just for the residents,
and we had it to ourselves.  That is Lake Victoria beyond the trees.
Although we had planned to stay just two days in Kampala, our stay was extended an extra day as our daughter and her aunt returned from the States.  Keith's sister Alisha had been having some medical problems and needed someone to accompany her to the States.  We volunteered for Shae-Lynn to go, and it provided a great learning experience for her.  (Alisha was able to get some answers and is on a treatment plan for the next three months to see if there is a change in her symptoms.)  It was exciting for Shae-Lynn to come to me with some decisions she had made during her absence, and it was good to see her siblings step up and mature some without their responsible sister around covering for them.

During our absence our dachshund gave birth to five cute puppies.  Ann is a very good mama, so they are all thriving and growing quickly.

Maybe for the first time ever, we celebrated America's Independence Day alone.  I truly felt that I had a holiday.  We ate simple meals, used disposable dishes all day (a big deal for us), and relaxed.  We took a walk to the post office, stopped at a coffee shop for drinks on the way home, and relaxed.

I didn't spend hours in the kitchen preparing food nor did I feel as if I had to entertain all day.  Before bed, one of the children said, "This has been such a fun day!"  We all wholeheartedly agreed.

This was also the first time for us to celebrate Father's Day with two of our children gone.  It makes us realize how short our time with them really is.

We are looking forward to some great things happening in August.  What a privilege it is to serve the Lord!

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