Monday, March 16, 2015


It's happened.  Another child has finished high school.  It is hard to believe that my "little ones" are that old.

I know most graduations happen in May, but because of many circumstances in the next two months, we decided to have Stanley's party this month.

It is times like these that I really wouldn't mind if we had a party store down the street or a supermarket where we could just pick up deli trays.  However, in the absence of those, it is really nice to have family near to lend a hand.

Of course, I was worried as to whether or not we would have enough food, but we did!  It was quite funny that the big hit with the adults was the punch and the celery in the vegetable cups.

The punch I should have made double of; I think I have had it just one other time in all of our years here and most of the adults said they haven't had it in Uganda at all.  (The Ugandans serve soda for special occasions.)

And celery is a rare treat.  When we had gone to Kampala a week ago for food and supplies, I was feeling quite discouraged as none of the stores had any vegetables worth buying.  As we were checking out at the last store, the workers brought in fresh vegetables in shopping carts.  I followed them back to the produce section and picked the choicest vegetables right out of the baskets.  Then I came home and looked up on the internet how to keep each one the freshest for over a week.

The graduation caps on the cupcakes I made from black soda tops, pieces of card stock, and crochet thread.  Keith is still teasing me about collecting the lids, but they really turned out cute.

The collage that my sister-in-law put together turned out very well, although some people just couldn't believe my senior picture truly was me.

We had such a great time of fellowship together with family and friends.

And then the guys got in a game of basketball: the "old men" against the "young men."

I have had the great privilege of teaching my children through all of their schooling, and I still love doing it.  I greatly enjoy this time I get to be with them.  The years pass all too quickly, and then they are gone.  Our plan right now is for Stanley to stay with us and do correspondence college until we return to the States for our furlough.

We love you, Stanley!  

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  1. Congratulations, Stanley, and to you for schooling him all the way through! The party looked fun! Love the cupcakes. You are so creative!