Saturday, January 31, 2015


Last Sunday our family went to a village for Keith to preach.  Singiro is on top of a mountain making the weather very cool.  These are poor people, yet they fed us a breakfast of tea and bread when we arrived, and then a lunch of rice, beans, beef, and matoke (green cooking banana) after the service.  These are very dear people.

Since the village is over half-way to Mbarara where Keith's parents are, we had decided to just continue on down the road and spend a couple of days with them.  Keith's brother and his family came up from Kasese, and we celebrated our Stensaas Christmas since none of us were together in December.

Kimberly, Kirsten, Savannah, Kendra, & Shae-Lynn

One day, we went to a see the Mbarara Falls - just small falls, but the area was beautiful, and we took lots of pictures.  The children had a great time climbing, wading, and exploring.

Shiloh & Skyler
We are very blessed to have part of our Stensaas family so close.  

The Ugandan cousins with Aunt Alisha
And we are also blessed to have such beautiful weather.  See us all in short sleeves?  

If we would have known how beautiful this area was, 
we would have come prepared to take senior pictures for Stanley.

Sisters - and Best of Friends
Have a great weekend.

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  1. Love that last picture! What a gorgeous area! Glad you were able to enjoy some family time!