Saturday, September 27, 2014


I am not an animal lover.  I am not an animal hater.  I just tolerate animals.  When I was younger, I had the chore of cleaning up after our dogs and cats.  I guess that is where my non-love for animals began.

Two pregnant dogs

However, living in Uganda, we have always had dogs for security reasons.  My husband loves to play around with the dogs, but when it comes to them giving birth - that is thrown over to my department.

Dixie with nine puppies

For the first time, we had two of our dogs expecting at the same time.  Our large dog gave birth on Wednesday with nine out of the fourteen puppies surviving.  Today our dachshund gave birth to her usual five.  (I may be prejudice, but the dachshunds are so much cuter!)  Hence, we have 19 dogs in our possession right now!

Ann and her five puppies

Actually, the birthing sessions began last week when I was called to help another missionary's dog as she gave birth in their yard, yet they were out of town.  I took our three boys with me, and they were a great help in transferring the puppies to a safer place.  The father is extremely aggressive, so some of us distracted the father while the others helped move the puppies and the mother.

Cleo's puppies

After watching so many births this week, I can with all gladness say - Thank You, Lord, for giving me single births!

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