Saturday, March 1, 2014


One of the privileges my husband has is that of overseeing 9 churches.  Some of these we have started, others we have inherited, and still others have sought us out asking for Bible teaching and help in leading their churches the Bible way.
Today Keith visited Katovu Independent Baptist Church, which is being led by one of the men in that church and helped by Pastor Henry Ssebanja.  This church has been through much refining fire, yet the core of believers has withstood the fiery darts of the devil and is more on fire for Christ than ever before.  The last time Keith visited this church, he baptized, I believe, 42 people.  Not having a pastor or a baptistry, they just wait until there are several and then let Keith know they are ready for a special Saturday baptismal meeting.
During the meeting this morning, one man trusted Christ as his Savior.  Hallelujah!  Then a bus arrived to start transporting the people to the baptismal sight.  They aren't close to a river, but there is a large ditch not far from the church right next to the main road.  Because of the great number of people, the hiring of a bus was necessary.  The leader told everyone that they must each pay 2,000/= (shillings) to cover the cost of the bus.  Seventy-nine cents seems extremely cheap to us, but to these village people - that is a whole day's wage.
Being in the dry season, everything gets dusty with a thick layer of dirt.  The trees and plants look brown - not from dying, but from the thick coat of dirt on them.  The water is no exception.  You can see from the photos that this was not a very clean ditch.  But neither the cost nor the dirty water deterred 100 people from being baptized today.  That's right - 100 people!  Praise the Lord!
There is no limit to those God will save.  Please keep this church in your prayers.  
May we continue to see great things accomplished in this village.

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  1. Wow! That is so awesome, Sally! What an encouraging story!