Saturday, September 28, 2013


One of the joys of homeschooling is being able to incorporate life skills into daily curriculum.  My mom loved to sew, and she made sure all of her children learned, too - yes, even my brother.  (We used to set up hospital and repair stuffed animals.)  I have used this skill over and over and over again - making curtains, clothes, repairs, adjustments and numerous other things.

When a fellow missionary began caring for orphan twins and mentioned their need for clothes, a bright light came on in my teacher/mom's head.  What an opportunity for Shae-Lynn to learn some sewing skills!

Stanley and Shae-Lynn holding the twins after church
We began with dresses and headbands that turned out very cute on the already adorable girls.

A couple of weeks later we took a trip to the clothes market, bought four onesies, and then made matching skirts and headbands. (We had originally set out to buy dresses, but I wasn't willing to pay $4 for very used baby dresses!)

Sarah: Often dressed in pink.
We have been blessed to have the opportunity of babysitting the twins for several overnight stays during the past two weeks, so another skill is getting taught as my children learn childcare.  The girls are so lovable with distinct personalities.

Sophia: Dressed in any color except for pink
Two more dresses are cut out and ready to sew up. We had better get busy as we all know how fast babies grow!

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