Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Andrew (Keith's brother), Keith, and Shane
Yes, we still have more than two weeks without Keith.  We are blessed to have been together SO much in our marriage, that when circumstances require us to be apart from each other - it is difficult.  However, we are VERY thankful for technology and the capability to be able to e-mail and Skype each other every day.

Graduate of 2013: Shane Stensaas
Shane is enjoying the "honeymoon" of American life with his dad being there to help him get settled.  We pray for him every day, and little brother Skyler still longs to see him.  He has been the first one out of bed every morning to check to see if Shane is online to talk with him.

Savannah and her friend Molly Mop (can you see the face she drew?)
With our move, we ended our school year sooner than we had planned, so our children have been on break for about 6 weeks.  In the midst of our move, we got new curriculum for next year, and our children have been begging to start.  Thus, yesterday was "Back to School" for us.  Keith will be bringing the math books, but we have plunged into everything else.  I want the flexibility of being able to take off for events going on this year rather than having the children work double-time to make up missed days.  I am looking forward to seeing how it all works out.

First day of school. Mom's bed - always a favorite place to hang out
Thank you for your prayers for us.  Last Saturday as I was driving, a tire lost all of its lug nuts and came off.  Thankfully, I was going slow enough to stop before the tire went rolling down the hill.  Went I got back home, I broke down in tears feeling so grateful for God's protection as I thought about all that could have happened.  Your prayers are needed!  Thank You for praying.

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