Thursday, December 6, 2012


Another great evening!  It is so wonderful serving the Lord and watching Him work.  Tonight the testimonies were from Julius (a different one than last night) and Matthew.

Brother Julius is a result of our prison ministry.  Because of our faithful men and women that minister to the prisoners every Sunday afternoon, Julius trusted Christ as his Savior and had a desire to start a church in his village after his release.  He has an enthusiastic joy for Christ that is contagious.

Brother Matthew is a result of our radio station - Word of Life Radio.  Brother Matthew had a very rough upbringing and eventually ran away when his dad threatened to kill him.  Being just a teen, he naturally found the wrong crowds and spent time in jail.  He moved to the Ssese Islands and became a fish thief.  At a Pentecostal church, he heard the Gospel and trusted Christ.  A Southern Baptist American missionary built a church building on the islands, but soon left leaving the believers with no leadership.  As Matthew was listening to our radio station (which reaches clearly across Lake Victoria), he realized that we were preaching the true doctrine of the Bible.  On his second visit to our church, he asked if someone could come help them.  That is when Paul volunteered to go (see yesterday's post).  Because of limited finances, Paul can assist this church only once a month.  However, they are begging for him to come more.  They are hungry to be fed.

The messages Keith has been bringing each night have been just what we the people need.  He connects so well with the people and applies the Biblical truths right into their culture.  How thankful I am that He is willing to be used of God.  Thank you for your prayers for our conference.

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