Thursday, July 5, 2012


I love my Crocs.  They come in all colors and styles.  They are light-weight.  They are easy to wash and are easy slip-on-slip-off shoes (important for living in Uganda).  I had not realized how they all seem to have the same, comfortable feeling until last Sunday.

Our family's collection, washed and drying
Our Sunday schedule is something like this -
7:00  Breakfast
8:00  Leave for church
8:30  Luganda service
10:00  Sunday School
11:00  English service
1:00  Lunch
1:30  Take those who preach to the prisoners to the prison
4:00  Leave for soulwinning
4:30  Soulwinning
7:00  Home

It is a busy day for us, but everyone really likes the new schedule of going soulwinning on Sunday afternoons.  We find so many more people at home and willing to talk.  Back to my shoes.  The shoes I wear for church, I don't usually wear around town.  They are a little more dressy, so I don't like to wear them tracking through the banana fields for soulwinning.  I made sure that I changed shoes before leaving on Sunday afternoon, but I was in a hurry and didn't pay too much attention.  A lady invited us into her home to talk with her about salvation, so we were thrilled.  However, upon leaving her home, I looked down at our shoes that we had left outside of her door and saw the two pairs of my partners, but not a pair for me.  I looked again and discovered that there were two shoes of mine, but they were mismatched!

At least they are both black, right?
Aren't you glad that God is never in a hurry and never makes mistakes?  Our God is perfect and is perfect in love for imperfect me.

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  1. How funny! I won't tell you that I did something like that when I was traveling with the Melodies. :-) Both of my shoes were properly matched, they were just a different color from everyone else's!

    We love Crocs too. They are just so very practical when you live in a place without air conditioning and need to wash your shoes often. I just didn't realize they come in a dressy version too. I'll have to check into those!