Wednesday, June 20, 2012


After being back in Uganda for three months, I think I am back into the routine of spending so much time in the kitchen.  Convenience foods are available in the capital, but not at a price that is within our budget.  Therefore, many things are made from scratch.

Last week, I set out to make our month's supply of granola.  I hadn't gotten very far before I realized that I didn't have enough brown sugar.  So...the granola was put on hold, and the process of homemade brown sugar commenced.

4 cups of sugar placed into the mixer.
1/4 cup black treacle poured on top. (The British name for molasses.)

1 more cup of sugar dumped on top and mixed.

I used to do this in small quantities in my food processor until one day I had a "light-bulb-moment" and decided to see how well the mixer would do.  It turned out much more equally mixed and in a bigger quantity, so I haven't turned back to the food processor since.  After three batches, we proceeded with the granola.

And I also made up our Sunday morning Baked Oatmeal mix for the month.

Fridays we enjoy the granola and other cold cereals, when found on clearance.  Tuesday is pancake morning, and the rest of the days we eat eggs.

My mother never let her children skip breakfast, so, of course, I don't let my kids either! 

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