Monday, May 14, 2012


I pray that each one of you mothers had a very blessed day on Sunday in celebrating Mother's Day, but I, also, count it a privilege to celebrate being a mother every single day.  My six blessings have loved me unconditionally, forgiven me when I have failed them, and showered me with attention.  I have had the awesome privilege of leading five of them to the Lord, and my prayer is that they will keep their hearts in the hands of the Lord and be yielded to Him every day.

Savannah has "claimed" her sister's doll and begs to dress like her
Keith took another missions trip on Friday to the most primitive village he has ever been to in Uganda.  Because he drove on a bicycle path, our van received numerous marks from the bush.  There were no vehicles or sounds of a town, so when the men stood on the van to preach, their voices carried for long distances.  They preached to this village full of fishermen who were mending their nets and to a group of hunters that were headed out with their spears and saw four people trust Christ.  The church that has been started there is meeting in a grass-roofed, mud hut.  Please pray for this village of Kalangala that more people will be reached for Christ.

This is the coat that Keith's grandmother embellished for him.  All 6 of our children have worn it.
In our Sunday service, two people were saved, and one was baptized.  More of those who have recently been saved plan to be baptized this week.  Last night during soul winning, we came across an old lady who had just received word that her grandson had died.  This woman was especially grieved as she had only one son and only one grandson, and both of them were now dead.  This family line had stopped.  What about us as Christians?  Has our spiritual family line stopped, or are we still winning souls and teaching those souls to win souls?

My helper making g-nut sauce - Keith's favorite.  We have it about 3 times a week.

I ask that you pray for Keith this week.  He is working very hard to get all of the renovating completed at the radio station before the Sharps and Damrons arrive on Friday.  However, numerous problems keep popping up.  One of the solar panels got broken.  Power has been off during the day for four days in a row.  The new radio batteries delivered were not what we ordered (although I think they will work out).  In other words, the devil is fighting us getting the radio station back on the air, reaching the lost for Christ and encouraging Christians in their Christian walk.  

My helper peeling garlic.
Remember to pray for the safe arrival of the Sharps and Damrons and for all of the luggage to arrive safely, too.  Radio broadcasting is a powerful means of spreading the Gospel here in Uganda.  It is reaching into more homes than we can possibly visit in our lifetime.  It walks through doors that would be shut to our physical presence.  Pray for Word of Life Radio!


  1. Hi Sally! Praise the Lord for all the souls coming to know Jesus Christ. We we will be praying and look forward to great news of the radio being up and running. We love you all. Give the children hugs from us. Love the Reeces

  2. Yes, you ARE a blessed mother! And those are some blessed children too, for having you as their mother!