Saturday, December 10, 2011


One of the many blessings we get to enjoy while on furlough is seeing so many different Christmas decorations.  I need to remember to take pictures of some Ugandan decorations when we return to the field.  Decent Christmas trees weren't even sold in the stores until about 5 years ago.  Before that, the few that could be found would rival Charlie Brown's.  As for decorations, anything goes - balloons, cassette tape "string", toilet paper - you get the idea.

Thus said, our children have had a full immersion into American Christmas trees.  We visited the Ronald Reagan Museum where they had a different Christmas tree to represent each 10 year segment of American history.  On Thursday we were in a town where businesses, churches, individuals, etc. put up decorated trees in the town park, making a beautiful site at night.  Everywhere we look, houses, streets, and businesses are decorated with lights, blowups, trees, and greetings.  We have had the privilege of going to a church's Christmas concert and a Christmas party.  And despite all of the talk about America not being able to freely express their holiday wishes, it warms our hearts to still hear people in the stores, restaurants, and banks say,

"And have a merry Christmas!"


  1. That's funny about the decorations the Ugandans use. :-) Merry Christmas, friends!

  2. Merry Christmas! I'm visiting from the BMW Blog Hop. I really enjoyed your post. So funny to hear of the Ugandans Christmas Decorations!