Friday, July 29, 2011


Today closed out our week of Enrichment Week at Baptist International Missions, Inc.  The last meal served was lunch, so another family agreed to meet us at CiCi's Pizza for supper.  (Keith and I were going just to feed the kids and for the fellowship; we have been fed SO well this week that we could stand to skip a couple of meals.)  As we were waiting for the other family, we helped our kids fix their plates.  A lady stopped Shane and asked if we were driving the van that said Baptist Missionary Transportation Ministry.  He confirmed that we were.  She then asked what mission board we were with, and he told her BIMI.  After she had taken her food to her table, she came over to ours, handed Keith some money and said, "Our church supports several BIMI missionaries, and I really like them.  Here is some gas money for you."  WOW!  Thank you, Lord!  Our green gas monster hungrily drank that $50, and our children were given yet another reminder of our Lord providing for our needs.  All week long, the Lord has given us blessing upon blessing.  In our minds, the week was "over."  But God delights in surprising His children, leaving us humbled that He cares so much for us.


  1. Hey Sally, what a blessing. So wonderful when our children can see the Lord working on our behalf!!

  2. What a blessing! Though we have never met, I am enjoying your blog and getting to know you. I found your information on the Baptist Missionary Womens group.