Friday, December 31, 2010


What a wonderful month we have had -- busy, yet full of riches. We returned last night from a fun-filled week at Keith's parents.  So many people at their church apologized to him for not properly greeting him before the service because they didn't recognize him.  He doesn't fully understand the transformation that others see and keeps asking, "Do I really look so different?"

December 2009
December 2010

On the 20th, I had a Ladies Christmas Party and enjoyed having the ladies in our home for fun and food.  The next night we got together with another missionary family for a small Christmas celebration.  Then after church on Wednesday we went to an English couple's house for caroling and more food.  For Thursday soulwinning I took the ladies to the hospital for caroling.  Saturday we had an 8:00 Christmas service with a full church, and then we traveled to Mbarara.  We had challenged our people throughout the month with the thought that "Everyone can give something no matter how poor you are."  It was exciting to see several grasp this idea and really give of themselves.  One lady made wildflower bouquets and gave them for Christmas.  She also volunteered to work for another missionary for a day with no pay - her Christmas gift to them.  She gave what she had - talent and time.

Stensaas clan except for Andrew's family

Well, in not writing for so long, I have a lot of blessings to catch up on:
#88: Green grass and gorgeous flowers in December.
#87: Freedom from seasonal style "rules" - Dark and light colors are worn all year.  And there are no rules of what matches - pink stripes with orange plaid?  Only the white people look twice.
#86: Mangoes, pineapples, and sweet bananas - all year long at so cheap of prices.
#85: Slow pace - While the people's excessive slowness frustrates us at times, the general slow pace of life here allows time to sit outside and watch the storks soar, spend extra time with a daughter baking, or shoot some baskets with the boys.
#84: Familiarity of our small town - The thought of America's large cities scares me.
#83: Village ministries - Four saved today.
#82: Prison ministries - The prisoners are so hungry for someone to take an interest in them.

#81: Children's Church - They like to play games that test their Bible knowledge. I love this class.
#80: Enclosed yard -   The wall's purpose is to keep thieves out, but it also gives freedom to our children in allowing them to play outside anytime they want.
#79: Our radio station - Christian music, preaching and programs all day long.
#78: Freedom to witness in hospitals with no restrictions
#77: Unexpected packages - Received two from a church today full of things we like.
#76: Christmas service - It is very important to the culture to go to church on Christmas - no matter the day of the week it is.  Which is how it should be!
#75: In-Laws - For a family of eight to invade their home, they are so gracious and patient.
#74: Seeing cousins play together - Our children are blessed in getting to see cousins every couple of months.
#73: Laughter of siblings - Keith and his brothers always keep us in stitches.
#72: Church expansion - We hear of American churches shutting down, and it breaks our hearts, but to see dad's orphanage getting built - HALLELUJAH!

#71: Wildlife - The zebras with the cows today were beautiful.
#70: Beautiful clear skies where you can clearly see the stars unhindered by city lights.

It has been a great year serving our Lord, watching Him lead, guide, protect, and love us every day.  We look forward to what we can do for Him in 2011.  May God bless each one of you.

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  1. LOL about freedom from fashion.........if you have a shirt and you have a wear mean flowers don't match stripes???