Friday, October 1, 2010


Grandpa Stensaas (61) and Stanley (13)
I'm two days late posting Stanley's birthday pictures, but some unexpected events came up.  Stanley was blessed with two cakes again this year.  He shares a birthday with his Grandpa, so when Mom & Dad stayed with us last week, I fixed a chocolate cake for the birthday boys to enjoy together. 

Shane getting dunked by Keith
On Wednesday, we took the kids swimming.  Some Danish friends allow us to use their private pool, which we especially enjoy doing for birthdays. 

Stanley wanted to float his penguin in the pool.  I wasn't willing to risk it.
I'm not sure what inspired his request, but Stanley asked for a penguin cake.

Savannah drying off and getting warmed up
Also on Wednesday, my husband reached his goal of losing 70 pounds!  Congratulations!  For seven months, he has worked diligently.  He has a great amount of self-discipline, and I admire his perseverance.

Skyler throwing toys into the pool
Yesterday Skyler lost his first tooth - and we're not sure where!  He had shown me that it was loose, and then this morning he discovered it was gone.  This is the first time one of our children has TOTALLY lost the tooth!

During ladies' soulwinning, I received a call from one of the groups I had dropped off saying that a piki-piki (public motorcycle transportation) had ran into one of our ladies.  Upon arriving at their location, I found Christine witnessing to the man who had just collided with her.  He prayed to accept Christ and received eternal life. Christine had a minor cut, bruising, a broken shoe, and fruit to her account.  We had a total of three saved last night.  Praise the Lord for a great week!

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