Anyone who received my e-letters or who now reads my blog, knows that I make a lot of cakes in a year.  Our family tradition is to have a rice crispy cake for birthdays, which I try to fashion into some shape that reflects the person.  Then I am also elected as the pastor's wife to make cakes for graduations and weddings.  I will state very clearly - I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL CAKE DECORATOR!  (Anyone want to give me lessons, I am willing!)  However, I have been asked many times to put together a photo collection of all that I have made.  It may take me a while to upload them, but here they are. (The rice crispy cakes all have a pinkish-orange color because our marshmallows are pink and white in one bag. The only "shaped" pans I have are circular, square and rectangle.)

Stanley's 15th
Skyler's 8th

Shiloh's 7th
Savannah's 5th
Keith's 41st
Keith's 38th
Stanley's 9th
Savannah's 2nd
Shane's 13th
Shiloh's 11th

Shiloh's 4th

Keith's 39th
Keith's 37th
Shiloh's 6th

Keith's 36th

Skyler's 2nd

Skyler's 5th

Shane's 16th
Skyler's 6th
Shane's 12th
Stanley's 11th


Shiloh's 8th

July 4th Ice Cream Cake


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